Surviving Cars

- Reg: IY 45                                  - Location: United Kingdom
- Chassis No.: 141                        - Engine No.: 195

Was the third car in Ireland. Was sold at Christie's in December 2002 for £42,000 with the estimated price in the range of £30,000 - £50,000. The car is currently in the Sparreholm Car Museum in Sweden.



- Reg: V 46                                  - Location: United Kingdom
- Chassis No.: 210                        - Engine No.: 201

This car 'won' the 1927 London to Brighton driven by John Bryce. In 1935 it was exported from Britain to the US, but in 2003 the car was sold and returned to the UK after unsuccessfully going to auction at Christie's in New York with an asking price of $50,000 - $70,000. It is currently being restored.





One of the things I want to do is to trace as many Clément Panhard's as possible. Today I know of 17 cars worldwide. If you own one, know of one, or even have a picture of one then please send me an e-mail.

- Reg: PX 98                                  - Location: United Kingdom
- Chassis No.: 171                        - Engine No.: 171

This car reappearance in the 1950s at which time it was part of the French collection of Henri Malartre displayed at the Chateau de Rochetaill near Lyons, France.  It was then in the collection of Paul Moebius for many years until it was offered for sale in February 1998 by Christie's in London, selling for £29,900. In January 2003 it was up for auction again this time by RM Auctions in the US, the estimated price $20,000 to $30,000. The car has now returned to the United Kingdom.

- Reg: --                                     - Location: Torino, Italy

- Chassis No.:                            - Engine No.:

This car is in Museo dell'Automobile in Torino, Italy

- Reg: AH 48                                - Location: United Kingdom

​- Chassis No.: 149                        - Engine No.: 356

Discovered in a parlous state in France in the early 1970s, this car was imported to the UK in 1973 and restored by its owner who completed many Brighton Runs with it. In April 2008 it was sold by Bonhams for £78,500 (asking £65,000 - £75,000) and then again by RM Auctions in October 2009 for £41,520 (Asking £40,000 - £60,000).

- Reg: FX 149                                  - Location: United Kingdom
- Chassis No.: 366                           - Engine No.: 166

Has been in the Norwood family since 1970. See Our Car section for more details.


- Reg: BS 8237                           - Location: United Kingdon
- Chassis No.: 238                      - Engine No.: 238

Took part in the 1996 London to Brighton Run, in 2015 it was sold and returned to the UK from Ireland.


- Reg: -- --                                  - Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
- Chassis No.: 328                     - Engine No.: ​328


This example of the a Clément Panhard has been in the James Hall Museum Of Transport since 1950. The car has participated in a number of early London to Brighton Runs, and in particular the 1928 event.

- Reg: HD 68                                  - Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom
- Chassis No.: 539                         - Engine No.: ​419


"Josephine" was discovered in the early 1930s and took part in the 1938 Brighton Run. During the 1950s and 1960s the car took part in several runs with its then owner Major J.C. France. In April 1971 it went to auction. In 1992 the car was entered into the London to Brighton Run by Peter Holmes Court, and in February 1993 was auctioned by Brooks in London with an estimated value of £12,000 - £15,000 (actual price unknown). The car now is now in Glasgow's Museum of Transport and has been restored in black.


- Reg: -- --                                  - Location: Mulhouse, France
- Chassis No.:                            - Engine No.: 469


The car is in the Cité de l’Automobile Collection Schlumpf


- Reg: -- --                                  - Location: Unknown
- Chassis No.:                            - Engine No.: 

We thought that this was in the Compiegne Musee National de la Voiture et du Tourisme north of Paris. But further research shows that as of September 2002 the car was not there. Current location unknown.


- Reg: A 57                                 - Location: France
- Chassis No.:                            - Engine No.: 448

This Stirling Panhard was previously in the Beaulieu Motor Museum, England. In 1994 it was sold by Sotherby's (estimated price £11,000-£14,000, actual unkown) and is now in the hands of an owner in France.


- Reg: -- --                                  - Location: Netherlands (back in 1966)
- Chassis No.:                            - Engine No.: ​


Took part in the 1966 London to Brighton Run (#56), the entrant was Mr. A. Janssen from Holland


- Reg: O 65                                  - Location: United Kingdom
- Chassis No.:                            - Engine No.: 

Currently housed in the museum stores in Birmingham


- Reg: BS 8010                          - Location: United Kingdom
- Chassis No.:                            - Engine No.: 577



- Reg: -- --                                  - Location: Alsace, France
- Chassis No.:                            - Engine No.: 264

Currently being restored by its owner.


- Reg: -- --                                  - Location: Bahia, Brasil
- Chassis No.:                            - Engine No.: 475​


This is the oldest car in Brasil and was still taking part is rallies in Salvador until recently. It has now been given to Museu da Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Bahia.


- Reg: -- --                                  - Location: Tallinn, Estonia
- Chassis No.:                            - Engine No.: ​475


Claimed to be the second car in Estonia and currently identified as a Panhard Levassor. However I believe that this is a Clément Panhard based on the picture of the front axle. See



- Reg: -- --                                  - Location: Unknown
- Chassis No.:                           - Engine No.: ​581


Discovered in a barn in Southern England in 2011 and sold by Bonhams for £1,125 in November 2011. With the engine number 581 this suggests that Clément Panhard production could have reached around 600 units, more than previously thought.



Also one web site claims that the first car to be registered in Spain in Palma de Mallorca was a 1900 Clément Panhard with the registration PM1. No idea if this car still exists.